Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PornHub Videos for free from Porn Hub

Pornhub is a free ad-supported pornographic video sharing website which allows users to watch professional and porn hub. It allows users to watch thousands of videos for free and the website also offers a paid for subscription service which give users extra benefits such as the ability to download videos. Like many other such video sites, it requires the browser plug-in Flash technology.

It uses the concept of Porn 2.0 as the website also offers a webcam service and users can upload their own videos. It is ranked the 62nd most popular website on the Internet[2] making it the third-most popular pornographic website, behind LiveJasmin and Xhamster.


Pornhub is most popular in the USA and the website receives 28.4% of its users from there. This is followed by 4.9% which is shared by both the UK and France.

Copyright infringement claims

In 2010 Mansef Inc and Interhub, the owners of, were sued by the pornographic film production company Porn Hub 's copyright holding company Ventura Content for the copyright infringement of 45 videos on sites including, and to Ventura Content the 45 videos were streamed “tens of millions of times”[4] and they claimed the piracy threatened the "entire adult entertainment industry."Porn 2.0 sites such as these are seen as posing notable competition for paid pornographic websites and traditional magazine and DVD-based pornography.[6][7]

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